At Restaurant TOYO Tokyo, we endeavor to procure the freshest, seasonal ingredients.

These fresh ingredients allow for customers to directly feel the change of seasons.

We incorporate Japanese sensibilities and cook the ingredients as minimally as possible to maximize the unique “umami”

that can be found in excellent ingredients.

The key to maximizing the potential of each ingredient is to eliminate the overuse of useless additives such as sauce and seasonings. Minimizing additives ensures that the fresh textures and aromas that are found in the ingredients are maintained.

This is TOYO minimalism.


Fusion and harmony of East and West can be defined by pairing French and Japanese cuisine.

Our chef’s identity is Japanese, and his love for local regions is akin to the passion he feels for his own hometown.

Chef Toyomitsu Nakayama filters his own perspective of Japanese culture, tradition, and aesthetic beauty through his lens and incorporates those elements into the meals he creates.

Each dish has been crafted meticulously as if it were Japanese “kaiseki”.

Each piece is plated with perfect balance and intricacy.

This unique world of TOYO can be said to be the ultimate in French cuisine.

The culinary presentation that can only be enjoyed at TOYO is a form of sophisticated craftsmanship

that can be experienced with all five senses.

With Japanese aesthetic sense and spirituality, each dish at TOYO has a “dignified” flavor profile.


An assortment of ingredients are laid out on the counter in front of the customer as they are seated face-to-face with the chef.
This not only allows for the customer to enjoy the meals with their taste buds, but also with their eyes.

This style of “Counter French” stems from the thought that customers should be able to enjoy the entire process of a meal.

We want to make our customers smile! A warm environment and the ability to have a casual conversation with the chef replicates a feeling of luxury, and this comfortable atmosphere where the chef’s personality and world-view can be reflected in each menu item is one of our points of pride.

It is possible to feel the passion and particularity toward a dish, the love for customers, the pursuit for an awe-inspiring level of hospitality, and an uncompromising attitude toward beauty.

We believe that a chef is an artisan with food, especially when it comes to cooking methods, and a chef’s creative spirit can be infinite.

In Paris, the capital of the food scene, Chef Toyomitsu Nakayama proposes a luxurious yet surreal experience where diners can be bathed in the brilliance of his spirit – something that syncs with the Japanese kanji characters that comprise his name;

Toyo = luxurious, and Mitsu = incandescence.